Disney Lorcana: Core Constructed

Disney Lorcana: Core Constructed

Disney Lorcana

Event Date: June 26th - 10am


  • 1 Entry Reservation
  • 1 Hidden Inkcaster Promo
  • 1 Ursula's Return Booster Pack
  • 1 Raffle Entry (2 of each of the following promos to be raffled: Mulan – Enemy of Entanglement, Ursula's Lair)


  • 1st: Mickey Mouse – Leader of the Band Promo, 2 Additional Ursula's Return, and a promo pin (Kida - Atlantean or Madam Mim - Purple Dragon randomly decided)
  • 2nd: Mickey Mouse – Leader of the Band Promo, 1 Additional Ursula's Booster Pack


Join us for Core Constructed! This event will have 3 swiss rounds, each lasting 50 minutes. Each player will be able to enter their own 60 card minimum deck, used to fight their way to the top of the event and earn additional prizing. Every player attending will receive a Ursula's Return booster pack, as well as chances to win additional promo prizing from the raffle and winning the event! This event will be hosted at TK's Boba & Creamery on 500 E Windmill Ln, Ste 170.