Disney Lorcana: Ursula's Return Draft Event

Disney Lorcana: Ursula's Return Draft Event

Event Date: June 22nd - 10am


  • 1 Entry Reservation
  • 4 Ursula's Return Booster Packs to Draft With
  • 1 Additional pack for entry
  • 1 Raffle Entry for event raffles


  • 1st - 4 Bonus Pack
  • 2nd - 2 Bonus Packs
  • 3rd - 2 Bonus Packs
  • Available Raffle Prizing:
    Mulan - Enemy of Entanglement Promo
    Mickey Mouse - Leader of the Band Promo
    Ursula's Lair - Eye of the Storm Promo


It's time to draft at TK's! This event will have a 25 minute deck building session followed by 3 swiss rounds with best of 3 matches, each round lasting 50 minutes. Each player will receive 4 Ursula's Return Booster Packs to construct a minimum 40 card deck with that has no ink or card copy caps! Every player attending will receive a raffle entry into the raffle contests. Players that win a raffle prize will be removed from the raffle pool, meaning 6 lucky players will win a promo! Every entry includes an additional pack as well, and winners of the event will also receive additional prizing too! This event will be hosted at TK's Boba & Creamery on 500 E Windmill Ln, Ste 170.